Functions of DIET

•Training and orientation for Elementary school teachers (both pre-service and in- service). Head        Masters,Heads of        School Complexes. Instructors and supervisors of Non formal and Adult Education.

•Academic and resource support to the elementary and adult education systems in the district.Action research and     experiment to deal with specific problems of the district in achieving the objectives in the areas of elementary and adult      education.

•To provide training and guidance for implementation of programmes like activity based and joyful learning and creating      willingness to go to school.To undertake research and experiment, keep in mind the problems of the educational arena       and to solve them.

•To familiarize Headmasters, teachers, B.R.C.s,C.R.C.s co-coordinators and supervisors with new approach.

•To organize seminars and workshops to enhance the abilities For teaching subjects like Mathematics, Science, work      Experience, Art teaching and Yoga teaching at the primary school level.

•To provide guidance for diagnosis and remedies for abilities established by the students through capacity aimed      evaluation and also lack of abilities thereof.

•To provide guidance and evaluation techniques to ensure success for activity based education.

•To visit alternative schools for migrant children and to give guidance.To undertake programmes for non-ritualistic      education.

•To make lecturers visit at C.R.C level & to provide guidance.